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Littleton Thunder Boys Lacrosse – 2018 Fall Clinic / Spring 2019 Team Placements

Littleton Thunder Boys lacrosse will be holding a skills clinic and team placements for the 3rd – 8th grade teams, based on player’s grade level as of the spring 2019 season.

These clinics are for players who would like to be considered for a Red Level or our highest level division team at each age group for the 2019 AYL spring season.  We encourage all players interested in playing for the Littleton Thunder Boys Lacrosse program in spring 2019 to attend.

Arapahoe Sports Dome 
6959 S Peoria St
Centennial, CO 80112

3rd – 5th grade players

6th – 8th grade players

Due to the time restrictions of the field rental, players should be equipped and ready to begin practice at the scheduled time. Players are highly encouraged to attend both days of the clinic.

These clinics will offer players an opportunity to participate in skills drills, situational play and small sided games led by the Littleton Thunder coaches.  The Thunder coaches will work together to provide feedback to each player and ultimately determine the appropriate competition level of the players for the spring 2019 season.

Our goals for each Littleton Thunder player:

  • To have the best experience and best opportunity to develop their lacrosse skill-set by being placed on a team with players of similar experience and ability level.
  • For every player to be on a team where they can make a contribution, gain confidence and have fun!
  • To provide a positive learning experience through coaching and training provided by our dedicated coaches.
  • To prepare each player to continue playing lacrosse at their next level of competition i.e. prepare 2nd grade for 3rd grade, 8th grade for HS, etc.

Littleton Thunder Boy’s lacrosse teams participate in the Arapahoe Youth League during the spring season. It is the goal of the AYL Lacrosse Board to have like talent levels competing against each other each season. The AYL Lacrosse Board will make best effort towards dividing each age group into multiple divisions with the goal of playing like “talent” and “experience” levels against each other.

The Four Divisions will be: Red, Silver, White and Blue

The final placement of all teams in each age division will be at the discretion of the AYL Lacrosse board.

Red: The Red or Elite Division is the most competitive level of play in the AYL for the most advanced players. The Red Level division in the AYL is for 3rd – 8th grade teams and provides competition for players that are focused on lacrosse during the season and possess above average skills.

Silver: The Silver Division is the next most competitive level of play and may have divisions from 3rd – 8th grade. Teams that play in the championship game at this level will be moved to Red the following year. Not every age group may have a Silver division.

White: The White Division is the next most competitive level of play for intermediate players and teams and will have divisions from K/1st – 8th grade. Teams that play in the championship game at this level will be moved up to Silver or Red the following year.

Blue: The Blue or beginner division is intended as an early/entry level of competition for new players and teams. There will be Blue conference teams for K/1st – 6th grade.


The players that end up on Red Level or higher division level teams:

  • Are dedicated and focused to improve their understanding of the game, skills and athleticism as it relates to the game of lacrosse.
  • Are identified by the coaches and encouraged to play on these teams with other players of like “talent” and “experience” levels. 
  • Place a priority on lacrosse during the season and are dedicated to their individual improvement and the success of their team.


Players not placed on a Red Level or high division team will be assigned to a team based on a players experience and past coaches input. Players who do not wish to participate on a Red level team can choose not to attend the clinic and team placements, and in those cases Littleton Thunder will assign players to the appropriate team based on a players' experience and past coaches' input upon registration.

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